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Our club was able to award a total of $25,100 in grants this year. At this week's meeting we will honor our grant recipients, listed below with a brief description of what this funding will provide.
Actor's Conservatory: purchase sound and lighting for new small room
CASA Denton County: pay for staff to attend state conference
Childern's Advocacy Center: pay for staff training conference
Cross Timbers Family YMCA: youth sports and camps
Lewisville Education Foundation: funding to a teacher in the West Zone District
Lovepacs: add 4 additional schools to the service area
The Mound Foundation: pioneer based outdoor education program
Tonkawa Boy Scouts: help offset a child's cost to be a boy scout
Youth and Family Counseling: increase therapists to provide services to children                   
Last week both Sean and Mary had the pleasure of attending the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta Georgia, along with 47,000 other Rotarians and friends from around the world. It was a jammed packed week of general and breakout sessions full of great information.
At the general sessions we heard from notable speakers Bill Gates, John Cena, Ahston Kutcher and Jack Nicklaus about the importance of Rotary and our partnerships with groups such as the World Health Organization to continue the fight to eradicate Polio. Did you know that in 2017 there have been just 5 recorded cases of Polio? That’s down from 40 in 2016…we are almost there but Rotary will not stop the fight until we are at ZERO cases of Polio. Jack Nicklaus and his sister both contracted polio as children; Jack’s case was not as severe as his sisters and both have recovered. His sister has 95% of her mobility restored, but he noted that there is something called Post-Polio Syndrome which can effect Polio survivors well into their later years with stiff joints and other mobility problems. Rotary’s efforts have been the major reason why not more people suffer from the horrible effects of Polio today. During one of the general sessions financial commitments in the amount of over $1.5 billion dollars were made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany and others to end this horrible disease. 
Mary enjoyed attending breakout sessions about flexibility in meeting formats, ways to increase club membership and engagement and preserving club traditions. Meanwhile, Sean finally figured out what he wants to be when he grows up…A Shelter Box Disaster Response Team Member…you’ll have to ask him all about what he learned. Check out our club Facebook page for pictures from the convention and more information.
Our scholarship winners this year are: Elizabeth Connick, Jordan Legard, Morgan Maness, and Vassi Gianitsos.
Vassi is an FMHS graduate who will be attending the University of Texas at Austin. Elizabeth is a Marcus graduate who will be going to University of Alabama. Jordan is also a Marcus graduate and will be attending A&M Galveston. Morgan is an FMHS graduate attending the University of Arkansas.
Thanks to the committee members who helped evaluate the scholarship applications: Connie Pelphrey, Nini Correll and Mary Jacoby.